U.K. Doctor Takes New Stance on Lipitor, other Statins after Suffering Side Effects

Published on September 4, 2014 by Sandy Liebhard

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A prominent doctor in the U.K. is questioning the safety of Lipitor and other drugs after suffering side effects of a statin he was prescribed for high cholesterol, according to WebMD Health News.

Like thousands of other healthcare providers, Kailash Chand recommended this type of medication to patients, but only noticed side effects until he began taking one himself. One of these was fatigue, the doctor said in an article published on August 18th.

“After 6 months, I started noticing that I was having a lack of energy. My regular exercise was curtailed. I felt tired and exhausted,” said Chand, who also serves as deputy chairman of the British Medical Association. He also experienced muscle pain in his back, which was a listed side effect on the medication’s packaging. After stopping use of the drug, the doctor said he felt much better.

Lipitor Diabetes Claims Centralized in South Carolina Litigation

Fatigue and muscle pain aren’t the only side effects of products like Lipitor, though. According to hundreds of lawsuits, this particular statin may increase the risk for new-onset Type 2 diabetes, particularly in women. A federal litigation involving these claims has been established in the U.S. District Court, District of South Carolina, where plaintiffs accuse Pfizer, Inc. of inadequately warning patients about Lipitor diabetes risks, even after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandated in February 2012 that all statin labeling note its possible association with the disease. Claimants say Lipitor’s labeling remained insufficient after the FDA action, and patients are still in the dark about the medication’s side effects. A January 2012 study in JAMA: Internal Medicine found an increased Type 2 diabetes risk in women taking Lipitor and other products.

According to court records, the number of Pfizer lawsuits now filed in South Carolina is continuing to increase. Court records from August 15th show a total of 1,162 Pfizer lawsuits now pending in the federal litigation, which represents significant growth from the month before, when 959 claims were listed.

Consider a Lipitor Lawsuit

If you are one of the thousands of people who were prescribed Lipitor for high cholesterol, you may have developed Type 2 diabetes. Lipitor lawsuits seek compensation for out-of-pocket medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. Call our Firm today for more information about filing a claim: .